Technical Analysis and Chart Interpretations – Ed Ponsi.pdf


Technical Analysis and Chart Interpretations – Ed Ponsi.pdf

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Every trader must follow their own path. Maybe technical analysis will be part of your path, but even if your journey takes you in another direction, it’s still important to understand the concepts in this book. As you read on, the reasons why will become clear.

How did technical analysis become a part of my journey? It started with my first job interview in the financial services field, which was for a position as a stockbroker.

I was led by two senior brokers into a tiny, glass-encased room. Two more brokers were already waiting there. They began asking questions—slowly at first, then more rapidly. They bombarded me with questions to see if I could handle the pressure. My heart raced: Was I up to the challenge?

“Name your five favorite stocks,” they asked.

“Ascend Communications, 3Com, Cascade, Cisco Systems,” I replied.

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